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candidate that vagina's can shut down as quickly as bain purchases steel mills. >> joy: thank you all for those wonderful suggestions. and on tomorrow's show i'll talk to olivia newton-john about her hot new christmas album with john travolta. plus the insane gilbert gottfried, and we hooked him up in a segment with porn actor robin byrd. all fresh all new. >> cenk: welcome to "the young turks." we have a show ahead for you. the second amendment. we'll show you for what it is. you do not have a constitutional amendment to carry individual arms. this whole thing is made up. we've got prove to tell you about it. and the president has taken
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action on it as well. it is so out of hand that they have bullet bulletproof backpacks for kids in school. >> but this common every day backpack is packing something extra. it's manufacturer said it can stop a bullet. >> cenk: this has gone into insanity. we'll talk to the guy who came up with that idea. we'll talk with congressman he he willer son and cohen. we'll talk about the fiscal cliff negotiation, it's a disaster. and now the republicans have gotten so much more radical in the span of two years. we'll talk about that on the show as well. finally, i mean, you want to talk about crazy? look at the woman they pulled over for marijuana. cavity searches? >> this has been eye opening experience for me. never been pulled over.
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never searched like this. >> cenk: it gets a lot worse than that. they didn't have anything on 'em, wow. it's go time. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> cenk: the president at a press conference about guns. in it he was forceful and laid out the case for what we need to do differently. let's watch. >> obama: the fact that we can't prevent every act of violence doesn't mean we can't steadily reduce the violence. and prevent the very worst violence. that's why i've asked the vice president to lead an effort that includes members of my cabinet and outside organizations to come up with a set of concrete proposals no later than january proposals that i then intend to
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push without delay. >> cenk: he said it's not going to be a task force that lasts six months and goes nowhere. there will be immediate action. i hope that's the case. the reason why bide someone the excellent person to head this up is because he was in the task force that banned assault weapons in the first place. a new poll out from cnn semi automatic assault guns ban look at that? 62%. there was one question for the president that was a little devastating. let's watch. >> this is not the first incident of horrific gun violence of your four years. where have you been? >> well, here's where i've been, jake. i've president of the united
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states dealing with the worst economic crisis on the brink of depression. two wars, i don't think i've been on vacation. >> cenk: i don't know if you found the answer satisfactory. we'll go to michael shure our epic political correspondent. look, this is what the president falls on all the time. he's right there were two wars, and a lot of things going on. but at the same time less keep it reel. he didn't think it was advantageous to take it on in his first term. >> every president is busy. just because you're doing wars and saving an industry doesn't mean you don't also have time to act on guns. like you said, he is treaded too lightly in this area. he could be issuing executives orders and doing things immediately which he is not doing right now. he's talking about do something a month from now. all the credit in the world to him giving it to joe biden the
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right guy to lead this. he's starting tomorrow leading with the cabinet secretary. but the executive order would show that the white house is ahead of this issue. president obama is rarely ahead of an issue. >> cenk: he's a great follower in that sense. if he does something great. wipe away the past, and thank god for that. but on the other issue of executive words bush in 1989 passed an executive order to ban import of assault rifles. that's not a complete ban but it's an ban on imports. that's pretty good. that's an republican president. and clinton not just the assault ban you the executive order to ban firearm imports and ammunition from china. those little things add up. and then of course after we got rid of the assault weapons ban in 2004 when it lapsed, the number of mass shootings has doubled per year. >> of course. he could work with inspector generals, everything could be accelerated by the president.
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once again he's not really accelerating. >> cenk: let's turn to congressman steve cohen to talk about this issue. congressman cohen. do you sense there is now a definitive difference in how members of congress are viewing this issue? will we get real change? >> i think there is a good chance we will because the response has been greater than i've ever heard it, and there have been tragedies before. we heard a great response when gab which if igabby giffords, a member of my class, was shot. the children really brought it home. i think there is a lot of interest. even republicans, who all of a sudden they have some interest in the issue. now whether it manifest itself in allowing bills to be considered in judiciary committee, of which i'm a member, and to be voted on is another issue. that may not happen. that could be stopped by the
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chairman or the speaker. >> i want to ask you what can be done? it may not come to that. the committee members may block it. what can be done so this blocking doesn't happen? is there something that the white house can do to overstep that? >> well not really. i mean, there's certainly things--just like you showed what president bush had done. when you ban imported guns and weapons, all that does is help american manufacturers. that could have been a trade thing more than a public safety thing. the nra is not concerned about protecting the interests of manufacturers of guns and ammunition in china only in america. i'm not an anti-gun, anticipate second amendment person. i passed a bill 20 years ago that was a responsible bill. i think people have a right to own guns and rifles, but not
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assault weapons not multi magazines with all these 30 bullets at a time that is only used for assaults on individuals to human beings. i think there need to be strong mental health laws and mental health tests for standards on who can get a license and who can buy a gun. everybody who buys a gun should be checked. i give a "f" to the nra now. at one time they liked me. they give me an "f"? i'm proud to have an "f." >> cenk: that's great. congressman cohen i want to show a member of congress that feels different. congresswoman michelle bachmann. let me show you a clip and get your reaction. >> i'm shocked. >> my favorite gun is ar 15 because you can be so accurate, and i scored best in my class of any of the men. >> the ar 15. >> it's a rifle. i love that gun. >> it's a combat weapon. >> i love it. >> it can be made automatic but it's a semiautomatic .222. >> i like being accurate, and
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that is a great begun. >> cenk: well, are you able to get past the enthusiasm of republicans like that if you're trying to ban assault weapons. >> representative bachmann is a member of my class as well. i ame sure she's accurate when she is a marksman but she's not so accurate when she makes statement. i hope she becomes more accurate there. >> cenk: nancy pelosi hopes to limit magazine-holding she believes it will be harder to get the assault weapons ban. what do you think of that happening in congress. >> i think they're both difficult. i hate to disagree with speaker pelosi. she has great experience and knowledge, i don't see where you got that many republicans. we would need 20 republicans. i don't know if we'll get them. beyond that you need the bill to be scheduled for a vote to get it up, and i don't think the republicans will allow it up.
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the nra is too powerful in republican districts in this country, and the red district people, the nra has stronger power than they do in the general election and certainly in blue districts. because of that they have a stronger influence on the republican caucus. i think the republican caucus on this issue and taxes the people whose incomeses are $250,000 to $1 million are imprisoned by their own success. they're showing how much of a minority party they are, and the two issues of caring about the rich to the detriment of all people, and in addition to not caring about standing up for the safety of the american public and instead being for the nra and whatever guns and weapons and devices they want to sell could be what puts them out in in 2014. it's almost unheard of with a
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party from a president to gain in an off year but it could happen in these two issues. safety and recognition of the middle class, and they're setting themselves up and showing the american public there are special interest, nra and concerned about the rich. >> hearing you say that, there has to be a way to marginalize these people. there has been republicans who come over. i thought when i heard about newtown, it made me think of birmingham alabama the church bombing, the dogs and hoses set on kids, that really changed the whole tone of the civil rights movement. don't you see that people are going to start coming over? are there any of your colleagues that are going to start coming over now because this has hit chirp? this is at a breaking point. forget the nra. >> well, i understand what you're saying. there was still resistence from those folks in the deep south in the civil rights. they got it passed, i don't know whether or not there is that type of relationship that could
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exist with the republicans in the house. i know they are going to be affected, but i think the nra is so strong. really while there was this resistence to segregation there wasn't necessarily a political powerful interest group that was out there for segregation like the nra. there wasn't anything on that side of it. the banality of it. they score you and tell their members what to do. they are, indeed afraid. there was a woman susan lind, who was beaten by the nra and she was down the line conservative republican. one issue she thought businesses should have the right on their own priority property to tell their employ employees not to bring guns on their property. they targeted her for defeat and they got her. >> cenk: it makes me worried that you might be right you
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might not be able to pass it, in which case i hope the american people are anger and show that anger so we can get real change through the ballot box. all right congressman-- >> to get real change you'll have to get the majority in the house. the republicans don't care about the middle class. they care about the super wealthy. when they can only go to vote--which they're going to do tomorrow for $1 million, that's where they're coming from. even at $1 million. that gives those people tax breaks up to the $1 million, and they're hurting the middle class, and on guns they're out of control. >> cenk: thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> it's good to be current. >> cenk: all right, thank you. now, when we come back, well, the president--could use a little help in negotiating with the republicans and he thinks maybe it has got something to do with him. >> i don't know how much that has to do with, it is very hard for them to say yes to me.
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>> cenk: well, for reasons you might not imagine, and there is congress keith ellison. he's there to talk about this issue. and then the elbow of the day is back and it lands as usual, on an appropriate target. "the young turks"." (vo)answer: pour disaronno into a flute glass and top with prosecco. brought to you by disaronno. be originale.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: all right, we're back on "the young turks." now you remember during the campaign in may, president obama said if i get re-elected things will be better with the republicans. he said, quote i believe if we're successful in the election when we're successful in this election that the fever may break. the tradition in the republican
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party has more common sense than that. high hope, my expectation after the election that we can start getting some cooperation again. now i remember having good hearty belly laugh over that at the time, and it turns out, of course well, you look at that, he doesn't get cooperation after the election. i didn't see that coming. /totally saw it coming. you know, this might have something to do with their hatred of me. >> they keep finding ways to say no as opposed to finding ways to say yes. you i don't know how much of that just has to do with--it is very hard for them to say yes to me. um you know, at some point they've got to take me out of it, and think about their voters voters, and think about what is
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best for the country. >> cenk: so, is it that they hate obama so much that they don't want to deal with him? i actually don't think that's the case. he has one is right about one thing. it is about the republicans. the republicans beingly think the white house will concede more. bingo, that's what it is. they think this obama guy draws the line in the sand, $250,000 and above i'm going to increase their taxes. $4,000, and boehner thinks maybe he'll go to $500,000, maybe $1 million. i will not negotiate over the debt ceiling so let's negotiate over the debt control ceiling. let me give a sense of how ridiculous this has become. one of the things he has been negotiating over is unemployment compensation. just two years ago in 2010, when the first republican senator
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from kentucky, no longer in the senate proposed ending un unemployment, it was so radical that the republicans threw him under the bus. it was defeated in the senate, and "the new york times" said republicans also distanced themselves from mr. bunning. even john cornice said this does not represent the position of the caucus. it is just one senator. just two years ago they're like taking away unemployment, that is radical. we're not with bunning. we're not going to do that. now they're saying to obama if you don't do what we tell you we're going to take away unemployment issues. you don't say how can i help you? you say have at it, hoss, and you lose the next election incredibly badly. it's deeply unpopular and you knew it two years ago.
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let's bring in keith he willer son, members of the progressive caucus chair in fact, great to have you here, congressman. >> yes, thank you. >> cenk: so let's talk about what progressives can do because it gets disheartening when social security is offered up and they're talking about medicare eligibility age etc. how can they make sure that those things are not part of the deal? >> the first thing we can do is let them know we will not be voting for any cuts to medicare, medicaid, social security. we've already fired off a whole number of on that exact point. we're making our position very clear. we're organizing a cuss letters and we have letters with people on it, and we will not vote anything that cuts social security we're taking that to our leadership and the white house. we're firm on that. we're talking internally, making sure that the people will stay strong, and that's what we're doing. we're letting folks know where we stand so that they can go
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recalculate and come up with something else because we're not going to solve these fiscal problems on the backs of the seniors, of the disabled, and of survivors. >> cenk: now its refreshing to hear someone say that in congress, and for somebody to fighting back, but it seems almost a done deal that president obama has offered to cut social security. so if it's in the deal, and i would be surprised if reducing medicare was not also part of the deal. if it's in the deal, nancy pelosi said she can get enough of the caucus to vote for it, is she wrong? >> we will see. the fact of the matter is that until the deal is done, and until the vote is taken, you don't know. i mean, i'm telling you that i'm not one of those who sits back and calculates and then does what i think is the probably outcome. we're standing on what's right and throwing grandma under the bus to solve these budgetary
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problems is wrong and we're not going to tolerate it. i have a bunch of people who agree with me on this. they need to go back and figure out what they're going to do. this particular path is not going to be available. now look, they may put the path up maybe put this vote up, and they may get it. but it won't with be with me help and the help of the progressive caucus. >> cenk: why is there this disparity in caucus? john boehner said i got this deal with my caucus, and they won't let me any of do any of these things that the progressive wants. president obama never says i got my progressive caucus, and they won't let me cut social security and medicare. why doesn't he use you guys? why this disparity? >> i don't know that. i wish i knew that. i'll say this. i was proud to fight for and support the president. i think his gut instincts leads him to the same conclusion that i arise arrive at, social security
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does not cut into the budget,. i hope he will say they won't have it, but i won't speculate it. >> cenk: he wants to cut into social security and medicare. it's tough to deal with a presidency when he's not a progressive. >> here's the reality. we in 2010 we got a big hit on the chin because we lost seniors. helping--getting seniors back has got to be our priority, and cutting their benefits is no way to do that. but there is something even deeper than the politics. it is that the morality of the issue. we are in this fiscal problem because in 2001 and 2003 we cut taxes without paying for it,
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then we had the prescription drug benefit that we didn't pay for. then a couple of wars that we never paid for so we are in a fiscal mess. now we're going to turn around and have seniors and the disable help pay for this mess that was created with this fiscal irresponsibility? no, it's wrong. i'm hoping that folks will right the white house call their own congressman, and do anything they need to do to get the word out. if we ray our voices we'll get our way. organization and being in strong opposition can lead to success. but that's what we got to do. we need to do it now. >> cenk: that was far too logical. i don't know what you're doing in that building, but keep fighting. >> you got to hope, cenk. you got to have hope, man you got to keep on swinging, man. >> cenk: absolutely. it's great to have you there swinging for us. thank you so much, congressman really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> cenk: all right, now when we come back, rick perry is
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swinging in a different direction. he thinks that teachers should be armed. >> to have access to weapons in their school. i would suggest. [applause] >> the crowd erupted in applause when governor perry alludeed to arming teachers. >> and talking to larry pratt of the gun association. >> i know why sales have been soaring these past few days. it's to idiots like you. mr. pratt. thank you for joining me.
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